Summit Labs LLC was founded in 2009 by Jesse Henthorn, C.Ped., and John Shuper. The focus was to deliver a superior foot orthotic to the industry at a price that was competitive. Summit Labs LLC was the byproduct of the company Diabetic Solutions (a DME primarily focused on diabetic footwear) which was a company we started in 2002. We quickly realized there was a void in the industry for a quality manufacturer of diabetic orthotics. In 2006 we started to setup our Cad/Cam system and by mid 2007 we were ready for direct milling custom orthotics. Our bases are milled out of the thickest base materials available, so you always end up to a true total contact orthotic. We have multiple base and top sheet materials available.

The driving factor for us to bring the fabrication in-house was to create a new level of quality that was needed in the diabetic shoe industry at a fair price. By the start of 2009 we had to make a decision on whether we would continue with our patient care business or become solely a manufacturer. That was the true beginning of Summit Labs LLC, and we have continued to grow and innovate our products to offer a full line of diabetic, accommodative and functional orthotics.